These summer mornings, I start my day out on the deck, coffee and book on the arm of my chair and wait for my chipping sparrow to officially start my day.  Her numerous songs are as familiar to me as my name.  I hear her everywhere and especially love it when she perches with feet of me.  Take a close look at her beak, head tipped back and imagine the breath filling her little body so as to send out this bright trill of notes, so happy and hopeful it makes me want to cry at her generosity of joy.

july 2013-015As of today,  48  mornings remain with me, in this chair, in this place.  Don’t ask me how I feel, because I try not to get stuck in that track.  Mostly, and happily, we watch the progress of a project that came to us last fall, after a camping trip in the ‘pop- up’ to Prince Edward Island.  The take away from that vacation, was the experience of how light and free we felt when managing life so simply.  Coming home to lawns and gardens, to harvest time and canning, to wood-stacking and outdoor furniture storage, seemed overwhelming in comparison to the week we just spent. We saw the window open and we seized the chance to climb through. That was last fall, and here we are in high summer with a good deal of the squeeze and pain receding slowly in our rear view mirror.

IMG_4395We started emptying out the barn stalls and the various storage places that an old farm with out- buildings afford, sorted through the mountains of accumulated stuff of the last fifty years easily, Bob would say more, and staged it in the barn.  The next step was inevitable.

IMG_4485Our realtor called a week before the scheduled yard sale to tell us an offer was pending on our house.  Having experienced the ‘cold feet’ syndrome of the previously interested buyers, we didn’t get our hopes up.  Our highest mountain was yet to climb, the building investigation!!!! Need I say,  my naturally tightly tuned constitution, forged by my dad’s mantra ‘First Things First’, and fed by my mother’s  fear of the lion lurking always outside her door, was at its highest tension.  I allowed myself little respite from the mounting list of chores that lined up in front of me and worked hard to stave off the fear that our house wouldn’t pass muster and therefore be unsellable.

The day of the ‘investigation’, I hooked the ‘Home’ milagro necklace around my neck that my sweet friend Suellen sent to me and took a moment with my crows.IMG_4477When I arrived home, this is what ended the day…..IMG_4481I know I’m telling you two concurrent stories, so hang in with me, cause we’re stepping two days forward to the Yard Sale, Saturday, the 20th of July.  Up and out at 5 a.m., we start moving the stuff from the barn on to the lawn.IMG_4486IMG_4487The early birds are starting to gather….who cares, let the games begin!

IMG_4488IMG_4489Did I mention that it was HOT, or as Becky would say, hotter than Hades and, that my weather magic husband managed to hold back the forecasted thunder storms until we were ready to pack up?

IMG_4491These pictures can’t possibly express the kindness of all the people who shared the day with us; the man who came back to hand me the quarter he owed me, the little girl who shyly asked if the five dollar bill she had was enough to buy the doll house that Bob had made for Sara, the woman who said that driving by our house every morning settled her nerves and gave her a peaceful feeling, and mostly having our family with us, each personality shining in the way they do best, Alec the protector, Tricia the organizing business woman, Sara the charmer and hydrating specialist!  It was a day to remind us that the world is a good place!

If it’s possible to feel invigorated and exhausted at the same time, that’s how I would describe the way we staggered into the house at the end of the day.  The phone rang just as our bottoms hit the counter stools. It was our real estate agent. ” No contingencies, you have a solid cash offer on your house!” were his words.  Grateful doesn’t come close!  july 2013  So we took ourselves out to dinner and early to bed!

Stay tuned for the next episode, for there’s sure to be one soon!


About eggsinmybasket

I am a woman with many eggs in my basket. I love exploring memoir writing, watercolor painting, knitting, bread baking, organic gardening, creative cooking, living in Maine, walking in nature and loving my family, kitties and chicks.
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3 Responses to HOME FREE!

  1. Suellen says:

    Reblogged this on Artist of the Everyday and commented:
    I want to share this beautiful post written by my friend Susan. She lives in Maine (too far away), but she’s always by my side. We’re walk through life together even though we live 2,391 miles apart.

  2. Bogey Bob says:

    Funny…but I’m still fragile enough to cry uncontrollably when I read this. I love you…and this is a wonderful, hard, long….but not endless, trip!

  3. What wonderful pictures you paint in my mind. . .you four are so fortunate to have found each other. . .but then how could you not. Thank you SE for sharing and I am looking forward to the next chapter. Dee

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