I finally feel ready to write about the last six weeks, YIKES! is that ALL it’s been?  Change can be so disorienting that weeks feel like lifetimes, which is true for me right now.  I feel Dorothy and I have shared a tornado experience.  For right now, I will let a bunch of pictures tell the outside story which could be titled ‘Lots of Lasts’


…a last canoe ride on the lake


…dining room finale.  Always a great way to start the day with the welcoming sun streaming in from the east.


We pulled together some camping gear so we could share our last meal in the house.  Just happened to be the first night of  Rosh Hashana, new moon, new year, new beginning.


Off we trundled to the pop-up where we slept for the next six nights.  It helped with the transition of leaving the homestead.Image

Would you have ever believed we could peel ourselves and all of our stuff out of this well lived and loved in room?  This was the heart of our home and I have mixed feelings seeing it so empty.  I like to think that she’s all spanking clean, waiting for new stories to come through and bring life to the space.  Ours, we will take with us, as I hope you will too.  We will hold fast to the times we have shared together in front of the wood stove , piled on the couch or sprawled out on the floor.


One last trip out to the garden to gather the harvest.  Certainly not the bounty of previous seasons, but it was simple and about all I could handle.


My final morning’s meditation.  I knew the view from the back deck would be unrivaled for me.  I was able to say goodbye to that piece of heaven, always grateful that it was ours for a while.Image

…A welcome to Marianne and a farewell for us, our last parting gesture.Image

We hitched up the pop up, and started down Youngs Hill Road…..Image

a wave to the farm…


and one last look at the barn.

This ties up Part One of I don’t know how many more parts to come in chronicling this adventure.  I remember feeling genuinely excited and completely at peace with leaving.  The most helpful notion was being able to take a long distance sighting of the whole process.  When I could do that, seeing our time at this house as a magical phrase in a story begun long before we were even born, I could take comfort in knowing that the story will continue, written by other lives lived there.  It reminds me that we just visit here, we own nothing, and impermanence is our address.


About eggsinmybasket

I am a woman with many eggs in my basket. I love exploring memoir writing, watercolor painting, knitting, bread baking, organic gardening, creative cooking, living in Maine, walking in nature and loving my family, kitties and chicks.
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  1. Bogey Bob says:

    See you in impermanence! I love you!

  2. Barbara Shiller says:

    Wow, Suse! Such a process!! So glad we got some hugs in – so wonderful to be with you and your family.

    OXO B

  3. Suellen says:

    I had tears in my eyes looking at the photos of the empty rooms. Transitions – always full of emotion. Now it’s time to create new stories in your new home. I look forward to reading about them, even if I hear about them every week – I like the pictures. Keep them coming! The first photo above is beautiful – it really captures the essence of all three of you and brings a smile to my face. Te amo mucho. Suellie

  4. Suellen says:

    Reblogged this on Artist of the Everyday and commented:
    I know some of you enjoyed reading Susan’s previous post that I reblogged on July 22nd, so here’s the latest installment of the Big Move!

  5. Sara says:

    You are such a gift to this world. That house got so lucky to know the love that you gave it. i love you!

  6. EMILY says:

    I just read this and I loved it, and yes, I cried a little. I love what you say about’ new stories’ both within the walls of the house and your own. I love you! xo

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