Gosh!  It’s been almost eight months since I’ve returned to this page to chronicle this wild and crazy adventure.  What pulls me back is the impending ONE YEAR anniversary of having made the move to Camden, which will be for real on September 9th!  Going back through the months in words and pictures will show the process and the progress we’ve made.  As the dark days of winter and my mind edged towards the lengthening days of spring, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and what lay ahead was my new home.


The first major project was to reclaim the garish aqua painted room that had housed all of Bob’s stuff before his studio was built.  Now this little two part room would function as my ‘morning room/sitting room’ and my studio once I set to dealing with the chaos that greeted me each morning  when I opened the door.IMG_5147By this time, I had at least settled on a floor and wall paint and found it calming to run my brush up and down the walls and floor boards while listening to Sunday afternoon NPR programs.  However, this mess had to then be moved back and dealt with.

IMG_5148Bob set up my art table and cut my old shelves to fit my new walls.   But let me not understate the affect that this still existing chaos had on me.  It was paralyzing!  I didn’t know how to begin, to overcome the inertia I felt when I walked into that room, so I’d walk out and feel the heaviness of helplessness….not a good place for a take charge, let’s get it done girl like me!

IMG_5152How lucky am I to have a guy who can make light work out of the work that stops me dead in my tracks.  Once I got a little nudge and direction I was under my own head of steam

IMG_5151This is the other side of my little studio room…amazing how I could compress all my creative supplies into this small yet magical space.

IIMG_5184Later a new white couch and ottoman will fill out the sitting space and make for a very cozy room to greet the morning sun and start my day.

I’d say getting this room and studio to this point was also MY turning point.  A ‘room of ones own’ cannot be underestimated.  Morning news does not invite me into my day.  Up to this point, my choice was either that or the mess that had inhabited this now sweet space.  I was happy to just sit on the floor and smell the new paint, while I watched the day awaken outside the windows.  That’s news enough for me!


IMG_5188Pussy willows are the early March harbinger of spring.  I found them in the scruffy  growth along our roadside and felt  thrilled at the discovery.  This will be the season of surprises once the dormant earth releases its treasures.  Not to be fooled by the furry buds, it’s still pretty chilly and the inside still calls us in with a little more work to do.

20140425_205245The living room couch is sporting new slipcovers, and Pottery Barn furnished the new bell glass fixture over the dining room table…a Kollmann/Klein swap that works perfectly.


IMG_5303A great early spring day down the peninsula in Port Clyde with Corey and Lynda who came for their first visit.

20140425_205737…a hint of the newly painted entry and hallway floor, a little window valance to welcome you in, the  gift of flowers and a clay pomegranate that emits the sweetest heavenly scent, courtesy of my brother and sister in law, always the purveyors of the most lovely items!

You may have noticed that I have fallen in love with this shade of blue green. I can’t seem to find enough places to strategically put it without it seeming like overkill….I’m getting close!

The downstairs is pretty much complete.  Our finger print has managed to touch most surfaces, key for me in making this place feel like mine.

20140507_074012It’s May!  The outside is irresistible after a long cold winter….and hey! my garlic, planted last November from my Windward Farm garden crop proved that this new garden would be an ample home.  It was a teary moment for me when I spotted those green shoots….a reminder that we will all endure, and life goes on and cycles are comforting assurance of all that.  It’s no secret that spring is my very favorite season.  Maybe being born in March has forged a kinship in me with that energy.  So chores are begging for attention.  The one I have been waiting to get to is painting my garden shed….guess what color I chose?

20140512_113153That’s just the primer…here comes the completed job…..20140512_160440 20140530_132321We’re back in production and compared to the way this place looked and felt last fall, I can’t help beginning to feel a certain energy invigorating this little homestead.  It’s starting to cook!  And I am also feeling the relief that its size affords…it’s manageable in so many ways, without having to sacrifice the joys of living the life I have come to love…laundry drying on the line, gardens to grow, dark starry nights and morning air spiked with the scent of Penobscot Bay. This was an unexpected gift.  It reminds me of my dad walking out our front door in Oceanside on a summer morning, taking a deep breath and reveling in the smell of the salt air.  Anything that brings him closer to me is, as this does, is a happiness beyond words.

20140520_190039Bob’s chorus buddies hold this rehearsal at our house and sing a house blessing song to honor our new home.  [Wish i know how to download it so you could hear it]20140531_144349Buying some holly bushes.

It felt so good to know that the favorite plantings we left behind, we could buy and grow in our new yard.  Bringing home the purple Smokebush, Miss Kim lilac, the most venerable Mock Orange bush and Fire and Ice hydrangea made me feel far less homesick for the plantings we had cultivated and left back on the farm.

20140601_075742Couldn’t resist this photo…look carefully and you will see on the fencepost atop my black iron crow a bluebird perched…this one’s for you and me Lynnie!!!

20140628_110938A bit startling to see this come up, but I have to invite my mother into these words and pictures.  She will never know this new home as I do, but including her in this space is the only way I have of sharing it with her and honoring the old among all the new.

We visited with her in late June and then celebrated Ollie’s fourth birthday,  the youngest member of the family the next day.


July brought lots of visitors.

20140727_111254Addie, Jennette, Ollie and Emma, having moved from Ithaca N.Y. to Acton MA.  are only three and a half hours away.  I love having them in the “New England Corridor” with the rest of the gang and it means we get to see each other more often.

20140706_201146Beck and Jay bring their gang for a July fourth visit.  Ice cream at River Ducks completes the day.

20140706_110445…a short rest in the shade on the trail head up to Maiden Cliff.

20140615_180312…a raucous time with Alec, Tricia and Sara at Shaws’ for the mid summer lobster dinner.

In a few weeks, Alec would have his one man show at the Littlefield Gallery, in Winter Harbor, and Sara would be singing at the Strand Theater, in Rockland.  Some of us are born to punctuate the air with a creative energy that must be shared with the many.    These two offspring are inspiring examples of such callings.

20140711_112407My dear friend and college room mate, affectionately called “Shills”, made the long trip from New Haven CT. for a visit.  It’s always a creative adventure with her…..20140711_151837I got a little jewelry making tutorial and then we headed off to the Glendarragh Farm to pick lavender.

20140712_150717Our bounty hanging out to dry.


20140716_14323420140817_11142520140901_12065520140903_074906My how she’s grown!  This garden is a first year miracle!  No flea beetles, cutworms, slugs…. even the weeds haven’t found her.  She has provided a remarkable harvest and asked very little of her most grateful gardener.  With a fraction of the work and the self inflicted angst of my former garden, this one represents much of what we had hoped for…a full and fruitful life, a simpler existence with the happy absence of the clutter that thrives in bigger spaces.


20140731_173109 A year of life in this house has made  a few clear changes apparent.  Fran Lloyd Richardson has built this model from the architect’s plans.  We missed a mud room and mostly some outdoor spaces…..an open porch to pull up a chair in out of the hot sun, a screen porch on which to enjoy summer dinners and evening thunderstorms.  Those of you who have visited have understood the need for an upstairs bathroom redo and that wraps up the hopefully final transformation.  Stay tuned to see how this all progresses.


The Windjammer Festival is the traditional Labor Day event and it wraps up the summer of our new lives.

20140829_18391720140829_183942….and who better to spend the last day of summer with, but my sweet Sarie.


20140903_075052Yup, it’s home sweet home, finally. I’m not wanting to leave you with the impression that this Pollyanna sounding epistle has me writing with my rose colored glasses on.  These are hard won words.  Check back to my earlier blogs and you won’t have to read between the lines to hear the voice of a deeply lost soul, wondering what in hell she had done.

I make myself remember every step I have taken during this past year and in part, that is why I have devoted three days to putting this together.  A year is a span of time that seems to be just the right amount of time to heal, to adjust, to transition, to get comfortable again after a big change, whether welcomed or not.  Would I have gotten through this any easier if I knew that, or remembered that?  Probably not.  A year is a long time to be out of your familiar groove and it’s hard work to carve out a new one.  But, the hardest work is behind me, and I say  “Thank you God for showing me the open window and giving me the courage to step through it.”  I look back and wonder how we ever did it, and then I get all goose bumpy and look around me to make sure it really happened.  And it has. It’s for real.  And I say ‘Thank you”, every day, I say ” thank you”.



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I am a woman with many eggs in my basket. I love exploring memoir writing, watercolor painting, knitting, bread baking, organic gardening, creative cooking, living in Maine, walking in nature and loving my family, kitties and chicks.
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6 Responses to I’M HOME…REALLY!!!

  1. rnrmaine says:

    I love you hone|…and am privledged to have made this journey with you. Life is (now) good!

  2. Suellen says:

    It’s hard to believe it’s been a year! And look what you accomplished. You created a beautiful, cozy, HOME that is filled with LOVE. I can see why you love your morning room/studio and I look forward to the day when I’ll be enjoying morning coffee there with you. The garden is amazing – I knew you’d transform the outside of the house as well as the inside. Love the garden shed! Move over Martha.

  3. Suellen says:

    Reblogged this on Artist of the Everyday and commented:
    It’s been awhile since you’ve ‘visited’ my BFF, Susan’s neck of the woods, and here is her latest installment in her beautiful blog, Eggs in my Basket. As always she’s an inspiration to me, so I’ll be back to my blog soon. In the meantime enjoy her newest post.

  4. Suellen says:

    I forgot to mention how much I love you and miss you. xxoxo, Suellie

  5. sara says:

    Your words hit the deepest part of my heart, mumsy. Once again, you have created an incredible work of art, YOU punctuated the air with a creative energy, not only out of your home, but through your words and pictures. Teardrops McGee over here! YOU are the inspiration!

  6. rnrmaine says:

    OK…Time has passed. How about an up-to-date entry! And a nice short one!

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